27 November 2009

Facebook stalking is not punishable by law.

Is it okay to stalk via Internet? I find myself looking at acquaintance's profile pages, Googling them, searching for them in police records. Then I think to myself, Is this normal? Am I a normal person?

Of course, the answer to that simple question is no. But then it hits me: it's the Internet's fault. Never before did I have the resources readily available to learn information about someone from anywhere other than them directly. The Internet has made me and so many other people creepy.

Now, because of the Internet, people can cyber stalk. They can view porn without having to do a walk of shame into and out of a video store. Anyone can see how much you paid in property taxes last year, or what your home phone number is. Am I okay with this? Are you okay with this? Probably not. But instead of rallying for change, which would take up time and energy (and I hate dimes), I will instead go look for my eighth-grade crush on MySpace.